On 29 August 2003 06:39, OpenSource wrote:

> Hi guys,
> This is weird to me..
> I got this script
> --------------------------------------------------- <?php
> if ($_GET[login] == 'forgot')
>             {
>                         echo "Sorry  I forgot my password";          
> } else { echo "you are good to go"; }
> > 
> -------------------------------------------------
> when ran, it gives me this error
> ------------------------------------------------
> Notice: Use of undefined constant login - assumed 'login' in
> G:\Inetpub\wwwroot\test\index.php on line 3

This is because you haven't quoted the array subscript -- PHP thinks you're
trying to refer to a constant called login, but on not finding that assumes
that you meant the string 'login' instead.  To suppress this notice, supply
the subscript correctly as a string:

    if ($_GET['login'] == 'forgot')

> Notice: Undefined index: login in G:\Inetpub\wwwroot\test\index.php
> on line 3

This means that there was no login= parameter on the URL that called this
script.  If this is a permissible condition, you need to allow for it in
your code.  One way is simply to suppress the error message with the @

    if (@$_GET['login'] == 'forgot')

Another is to do more explicit checking:

    if (isset($_GET['login']) && $_GET['login'] == 'forgot')

Which you use is really down to personal preference.



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