Merlin wrote:

I would like to delete a row inside a mysql table. To find out which rows are affected the system has to check another table.

Somehow I am doing this statement wrong and I cant find out why. Does anybody see the error?
Thanx for any help on that.

    FROM $table1 pi
RIGHT  JOIN $table2 AS p ON p.ID = pi.product_id
WHERE p.owner_id =  '15173'

1. You're using MySQL 4, right?

2. Echo your query to the screen when you're having trouble. Ensure you really have a value for $table1, $table2, etc.

3. Try this format:

DELETE $table1 FROM $table1 pi, $table2 p WHERE p.ID = pi.product_id AND p.owner_id = '15173'

4. If you're still having trouble, what does mysql_error() say after you execute the query?

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