Having never done this I would assume it's the same with and form field
you want to use as an array (multiple selections).

Create a few different fileselect fields all with the same name but
adding in [] to make it an array.

Then just loop through the array.. copying the file to the server and
the filename info to the DB.

Rather simplistic I know but it's a solution.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Chris Payne [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: August 29, 2003 5:38 PM
> To: php
> Subject: [PHP-DB] Upload multiple files?
> Hi there everyone,
> I have created a newsletter system where you can do lots of nice
> one of the things is to be able to upload your images for the
> via the interface, unfortunately you have to do them 1 at a time.  Is
> possible to be able to select multiple images in 1 go?
> The image info is stored in a DB and the images themselves are on the
> server, this way I can do lots of nice things to manage the images
> have been uploaded without having to access the filesystem too much (I
> love PHP and MySQL, makes it so easy).
> Thanks everyone.
> Chris

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