Hello All.

I have a PHP script i've written, which takes up some file's content and
puts it up
in a textbox. that textbox is located inside of a form, which I can submit
to make changes
in the text, and by that modify the file itself.

The file reads fine, with fread of course, and now comes my problem.
When i'm trying to write to the file, i'm getting this error:

"failed to open stream: HTTP wrapper does not support writeable

I have no idea why, I have checked the variables inside of the fwrite
command, and it has
the updated text and the location of the text file exactly the way it needs
to be, but when
it gets to the operation part of writing, it gives that error.

I checked the file's and folders permission and just in case I enabled
writing in both of them,
and nothing helped.

I thought it might be because I use a form to post it, and then I check with
'isset' if the variable is
changed, but it's not it, that part is working perfectly.

I don't think it has nothing to do with the server, but, it's one of my
guesses too.

anyway, that is the annoying error i'm trying to resolve here, any
assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all, really :)

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