You can use a custom 404 error page to redirect everything through your initialization 
file, set this up in the apache conf files (exaclty which one depends on your distro), 
just search for 404 in them and you'll find the right location, not sure about IIS. 
links are then given names as you would for directorys i.e /page

have used this method but its not perfect, needs work arounds for the POST array but 
it can be useful for this type of work.

just make sure your 404 error page is > than 512 bytes else IE will ignore it and use 
the brouser default one!

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Subject: [PHP-DB] What are your DB driven/template strategies?

I, like many here, have created a database driven/template systems using PHP
and the database engine of your choice. However, I am still stuck with
having to create directories on the server for every page on the website
with the same initialization PHP file that kicks off the whole process.

I'm getting kind of tired of this, though not in a major way.

Still I am wondering if there are other more elegant alternatives. I have
tried searching this and other list archives, as well as googled around, but
all I get are tutorials on how to develop basic db driven sites.

The only alternative I came up with is to use .htaccess to redirect to my
single initialization PHP file, but I am not sure if this is a good
technique and of course it will only work on Apache.

What are your thoughts?



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