El Mar 02 Sep 2003 16:11, David Haines escribió:
> This is maybe a bit Off-topic, and yet I could think of no better place to
> ask:
> How many of you are using PHP with MySQL and Apache 2 ?
> I know there _were_ some problems, but do the current (stable) PHP and
> MySQL work fine with Apache 2 ?
> Have a client machine with Redhat 9, and Apache 2 gets installed... There
> is a lot on there I'd really rather not have to do again from scratch (as
> in: wipe and start over and manually install Apache 1.3)

It's not my production server, just my home machine, but I sometimes give it a 
bit of a load :-) and I have RH9 with the httpd that comes with it, but using 
PostgreSQL. No problems so far.

Porqué usar una base de datos relacional cualquiera,
si podés usar PostgreSQL?
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