Hi everyone,

I have trouble with a PHP-script querying a MySQL-database. Actually my
Opera-Browser has trouble (version 7.11 on a Win2000 machine). It outputs
a parse error when i enter that page.

  Parse error: parse error in /var/www/mypage.php on line 156

After checking all parenthesis over and over, I decided to enter that page
with the InternetExplorer (version 5.50). And it worked.

What gives me a headache is that I tried commenting out that specific part
of the script. Still parse error on the same line. I inserted a bunch of
empty lines around line # 156 and I still got the same error at the same

I don't have any more ideas. I hope you may have a hint.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help!

Greetings, Sebastian

P.S. PHP version 4.1.2


Once a problem is defined - it is half way solved. (Henry Ford)

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