I've been building web sites that use a database backend for some time 
I typically use the format.

My most recent job wants to use differnt pages, so the search engines will 
pick up the url's as clearly defined, and not dynamic, as I normally do...

They way id do things is great (normally) as it allows the Admin person to 
add as many pages as they like, without having to pay me to create it for 
But now if my most recent client wants to create a new page, I'll have to 
do it for them...

Is there a way I can still admin the pages, and allow my client to 
add/delete pages, but use static links , without '?page=home' etc...

I hope I've made sence...
I've discused this with my client, and he said a friend of his claimed 
'that webserver software should have a module or plugin that will do this'
I've never heard of that, have I been living under a rock?

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