On Thursday, September 4, 2003 9:59, Tristan Ludowyk wrote:

> Hmm... it seems the reason is that in DB_oci8::connect() the OCILogon()
> method is used, rather than OCINLogon() which means that a connection is
> shared for the lifetime of the page/script.  Is there a neat to
> get DB_oci8 to use a new connection each time?

Please correct me if I'm wrong in the assertion: if I only use one
connection OCILogon and OCINLogon are equivalent, the difference is
only when try to open more than one connection.

If so, I guess there is no problem on using OCINLogon instead of
OCILogon, as the few people who opens more than one connection would
probably preffer real new connections (thing that we miss in other
drivers). If not, you can always use OCIPLogon.

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