HI, i have the following problem
Im working with sql server 2000 in a windows xp pc, then in the bd i have a
table called "noticias" and a text type field, when i insert into the field
everything goes rigth, but when i try to get the info of teh field, i can
get all the info, is like the variable is not enough to save all the info
but im sure that all the info is in the bd, the code is the following:
 $consulta = new BaseDatos;
 $sql = "select * from Noticias where Id=".$_GET["id"];
 $res = $consulta->query($sql);
 $not = $consulta->fetch_row($res);
 $not["Descripcion"] = eregi_replace(chr(13),"<br>",$not["Descripcion"]);
echo $not["Descripcion"];

when i do an echo for $not["Descripcion"] i can see that it doesnt have all
the info of the field Descripcion on the table noticias.
can you help me please?, is urgent!
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