Could someone explain to me how this could be done? I have seen something similar 
using Access on a local machine and would like to know if it is posible to do it in 
PHP and Mysql
In a project management web based applicaton using PHP and Mysql I would need to allow 
the user to create


Each time one of the above will be created it needs to be assigned an autonumber. So 
If 3 quotes were created today each quote would receive an autonumber, maybe something 
like the fllowing:

Creating the autonumber isn't the problem if I want to have a set way of numbering, 
however, is it possible for me to allow the user to enter a setup page or something 
and define the way the autonumbers will look like and be created for quotes, projects, 
customers, suppliers or invoice. 

let's say I have five Project Managers each working with a seperate version of the 
app. The app currently sets each new project created with a default autonumber (let's 
say yy/MM/dd-01, -02, 03 and so on), however, each Project Manager wants their 
database to number new projects differently:

PM1 = yy/MM/dd-a
PM2 = dd/MM/yy-01
PM3=  YY-2222 (Number being the amount of projects this year)
PM4 = PROJ-2222 (Number being the amount of projects ever)
PM5 = P-yyMMdd1

Instead of me creating a different application for each project manager can I allow 
them to setup their own number system in a set up page?

Many thanks for any ideas

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