One comand and you are done:

apt-get install mysql-server httpd php php-mysql

Don't have apt for RedHat? Download this:

and run 'rpm -i' on it. There's no better way to install software than apt. Prefer a graphical installer? Do this:

apt-get install synaptic

Good luck!


Robin Kopetzky wrote:

Would some kind soul who has installed MySql on a RH8.0 box please email me
(off list) and help me get this running?? I have installed it a dozen times,
followed the post-installation and testing from the Mysql manual and STILL
can't make this run. I need this for a e-commerce site like yesterday!!

Please help...

Robin 'Sparky' Kopetzky
Black Mesa Computers/Internet Service
Grants, NM 87020


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