First of all, this question is better being asked on
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library maintainers, not the customer support. I forward this mail to
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Secondly, to create multiple connections OCI8 via PHP you should be
using OCINLogon().

Maxim Maletsky

On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:32:21 +0800 (CST)
Zhixiang Wang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Dear Maxim Maletsky:
>     Recently I install oracle on RedHat Linux 9.0. It seems working well! 
> But I encountered many problems, please help me!
>     The parameter is here:
>     ORACLE SID=ora9i
>     ORACLE database name=oracledb
>     First, I can't use "ocm login -idora9i" to start OMS. On Linux I can't start up 
> a KDE or GNOME X-Windows interface to manage Oracle!But I can connect oracle by 
> using oracle client on Windows 2000 from "standalone" but not "enterprise management 
> server". On oracle client I can only connect to oracle database using system/[EMAIL 
> PROTECTED] But I can't use SQLPLUS on Linux to connect by using system/[EMAIL 
> PROTECTED] and I can using "system/******" to connect to oracle database! 
>      Second, I can connect oracle database by using PHP with famous example: 
> ocilogon("scott","tiger") only once!!! If I want to connect to oracle with OCI8 I 
> must reboot oracle database on Linux. But I can connect oracle using another famouse 
> example: ora_logon("scott""tiger") for many and many times!!! I had test to using 
> ocilogon("scott","tiger","oracledb") but failed!
>     Yours sincerely
>                 Zhixiang Wang
>                2003.8.31
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Maxim Maletsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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