El Vie 12 Sep 2003 18:36, Frederico Madeia escribió:
> Martin,
> In some doc that i've read when i compile the php i must put yhe
> $ORACEL_HOME path, so if oracle isn't instaled on same machine ???

Lets see. I don't use, or ever used Oracle, but I guess my experience with 
Informix and PostgreSQL can enlight a bit.

All you need, and yes you need it, is the client, or libraries to be able to 
conect to the Oracle server on the other side. I don't know how Oracle 
packages it's product, but on Informix you have quite distinguish where the 
client is, with it's libraries, and the server.
On PostgreSQL, specially on sistems like RedHat or Debian, it even more 
simplier. Look at this out put form my RedHat machine at home:

$ apt-cache search postgresql | grep postgresql
postgresql - PostgreSQL client programs and libraries.
postgresql-contrib - Contributed source and binaries distributed with 
postgresql-devel - PostgreSQL development header files and libraries.
postgresql-docs - Extra documentation for PostgreSQL
postgresql-jdbc - Files needed for Java programs to access a PostgreSQL 
postgresql-libs - The shared libraries required for any PostgreSQL clients.
postgresql-odbc - PostgreSQL ODBC driver.
postgresql-pl - The PL procedural languages for PostgreSQL.
postgresql-python - Development module for Python code to access a PostgreSQL 
postgresql-server - The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server.
postgresql-tcl - A Tcl client library for PostgreSQL.
postgresql-test - The test suite distributed with PostgreSQL.

As you can see, the server is in postgresql-server. It needs postgresql and 
postgresql-libs to run.
But on the client (where you have PHP installed) all you need is 
postgresql-libs (PHP compiles and links against the libraries of that 

I hope I didn't get much out of the road on you, but I guess it was the 
closest example I could find.

Hope it helps you, and if you still have problems, I would suggest you ask 
some Oracle expert (or even better, read the docs) what you have to have 
installed to have a Oracle client that will conect to a remote Oracle server.

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