I wrote a page browser that allows me to list different persons in a
table according to the first alphabet-letter of their name

Thus if I choose letter nr 65 (A):
$chrLettre = chr(65);
$chosenLettre = $chrLettre;
echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?chosenLettre\">".$chosenLettre."</a>\n"; 

1) Station Linux-RedHat-7.2

apache 1.3
mozilla 0.9

No problem with KDE Konqueror. I read the Url:


But with Mozilla:

http://localhost/~webpage/?chosenLettre=65 /// where is $PHP_SELF ????

It doesn't forward to the same page ($SELF_PHP) and I end up in 

2) Station W2000

php 4.3.2
apache 1.3
mozilla ?

No problems I can browse all the pages.

Reason? Is there a incapability to interpret certain PHP instructions
in Mozilla-0.9 ($PHP_SELF in this case) for Linux?

Alain Barthélemy
Linux User #315631

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