Jason Wong wrote:

> On Wednesday 17 September 2003 18:46, pete M wrote:
>>Mike Klein wrote:
>>>For example, php mysql library supports list_dbs and list_tables commands
>>>as well as getting table metadata. MySQL sql also 'natively' supports
>>>these commands (show databases, show tables, describe <tableName>).
>>>Why not similar commands for Oracle, SQLServer, etc.? These are simply
>>>selects against certain system tables, no?
>>Go and ask M$ and Oracle..
> I doubt whether they have anything to do with it (although it's nice to blame 
> everything on M$), but rather it is author(s) of the particular DB extensions 
> who you have to thank for the current inconsistencies.
> I think some move is being made to make the commands consistent across the 
> different DBs. Eg the names of the postgresql functions are being changed to 
> match those of the mysql functions.

I've been so impressed with the capabilities of php in general, that I
am a little surprised more effort wasn't made at consistency from the
get go...something ala jdbc or whatever.

Other php db libs I've seen don't offer common database metadata
functions, only wrappers for basic functionality.

You need the metadata functions when writing query tools/browsers/etc.

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