is there something wrong with my SQL Query? I didnt get any results neither errors..

$link = mysql_connect('localhost', '<username>') or die('Cannot connect to the database.');
$SQLQuery = "INSERT INTO profyles (username, fname, mname, lname, address, country, gender, sexuality, status, bday, race, yahoo, msn, icq, email, webpage, hair, bodytype, eye, height, weight, facialhair, hobbies, interests, aboutme, profession, food, music, tvshows, authors, movies, rolemodel, place, visit, online, picture) VALUES ('$user', '$firstname', '$middlename', '$lastname ', '$address, '$country', '$gender', '$sexuality', '$status', '$birthday', '$race', '$yahoo', '$msn', '$icq', '$email'. '$webpage', 'haircolour', '$bodytype', '$eyecolour', '$height', '$weight', '$facialhair', '$hobbies', '$interest', '$aboutme', '$profession', '$food', '$music', '$tvshows', '$authors', '$movies', '$rolemodel', '$place', 0, 'y' , 'y')";

'$email'. '$webpage' <-- shouldn't this be:'$email' , (comma ;)) '$webpage'



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