I am having trouble implementing a zip code locator program. All of the
functions work correctly but the $sql variable.
The problem occurs by using the latitude argument as a comparison. The first
latitude argument works but when the second
latitude argument is added the query returns no data. Here is an example of
the $sql variable being used.

   Latitude <= 122.02671343318
              AND Latitude >= 121.96888656682
   AND Longitude >= 37.617091284671
   AND Longitude <= 37.508048715329;

This is the format recommended by the zip code locator develper for the sql
argument. There must be some logical way
to present this to the mysql database that will perform the latitude and
longitude comparison and retun the proper results.
A suggestion was making sure that the field is a numberic string type. I
used "Float", "Decmial", "Double" and "CHAR" the result was the same. Please

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