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> I'm writing an application that will display the contents of a db in the
> browser, including the db-assigned id number.  The user can then enter
> the id number in a form and the browser will display the record
> corresponding to that id number, with the data in editable text fields.
> The user edits the text fields and submits to an 'update' script using
> POST, and the update script puts the new values back into the database.
>  In the update script, I'm trying to access the field names and values
> in the $_POST array, and update the db using a loop:
>                                 while ($data = each($_POST)) {
>                                             $name = $data[ 'key' ];
>                                             $value = $data[ 'value' ];
>                                             echo $name, $value;
>                                             $result =
> mysql_query("UPDATE tablename SET $name = $value WHERE ID=$id") or die
> ("unable to update record");
>                                }
> The echo statement shows me that the script dies on the first time
> through the loop.

Put quotes around your strings in your SQL:

mysql_query("UPDATE tablename SET $name = '$value' WHERE ID=$id")

Also, instead of "dieing" with your own error message, use mysql_error(),
which would have given you a better error to act upon...

or die("Error in update: " . mysql_error());

---John Holmes...

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