Hi all,

As many, I'm forced to start my message too with the problem statement
that I can't connect to my sybase database. I have to be more honest
even in saying that I don't even know the difference in --enable-sybase
and --enable-sybase-ct (I have tried both).

I'm by no means an SQL nitwit.. I just never had to work with sybase

I don't have any clue when it comes to sybase.. never worked with
any, but I have to now. I have a login and can connect using isql
and the database definition 'CST_SYB' which comes straight out of the
sybase interfaces file.

However I can't seem to get any php connections working. I can flood you
with sybase_connect() examples, but they come straight from the manual.
What am I missing ?

Oh btw, I compiled my php using the orignal sybase openclient package in
$SYBASE, but I also see people referring to 'freedts'? I assume this is
a substitute in case no original sybase libs are available, right?

Anyway, any pointers would be more then welcome.


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