I'm novice in php and mysql utilization.... so...
Here is my problem:
I have a form with some fields (for example, 2: field1 and field2)
My mysql database contains for example 1 table (named for example SQLTABLE)
with 3 fields: ID (auto_increment), AA, BB.
On my form, field1 is represented in HTML by a <SELECT SIZE="1"...> and
returns values of  AA in selected in SQLTABLE.
I want when I choose a value with the selection menu in field1 of the form,
that the BB corresponding value of the selected AA automatically appears in
field2 of my form without submitting my page, without loosing informations
already encoded in the page. (An application could be a customer subsciption
form, where you have to enter your name, adress, ZIP, town, for a
determinated country... and you can choose the zip code in a selection menu
and automatically the corresponding town is shown next to it before
subitting the form...)

I suppose that a lot of people can help me....


Stéphane, Belgium

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