Create a table (items) with selectable items with these columns

select_id       | selection | description
1               | #000000       | White
1               | #FFFFFF       | Black
2               | other | Another type
2               | second        | Second Type

use "select * from items where select_id='1';
into a variable, say $colors

echo "<select name=color>";
foreach($colors as $color) {
  $selection = $color['selection'];
  $description = $color['description'];
    echo "<option value=\"$selection\">$description</option>";
echo "</select>";

/* That will build a dropdown with the available colors (select_id='1')
Then build an <input type=text> 3 times to do an add to the db, with
select_id,selection, and description. That will add a row to the table, and
each time you run the script above, it will be populated with all the rows
that have select_id='1'. You can use the same table with different
select_id's for different dropdowns.

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> Just for example, in php how can I show a list of colors so 
> the user can
> select one?  Also if needed the user could add a new color.  
> This could be a
> drop down or whatever.
> How can I make this dynamic so when the user adds the new color that
> anywhere I show the list of colors in my web pages the new 
> color would be
> available for selection for this user and all users following?
> Kind of confusing, let me know if you need more detail.
> Thanks,
> Doug.  
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