I am using iodbc from openlink on OS X and everything seems fine and I can
get the database tables with

$results = odbc_tables($conn) or die("<P>".odbc_errormsg());

And print them to the screen with

odbc_result_all($results) or die("<p>printing result error");

But when I try

$sql="select * form tblJobStatus";
$results = odbc_do($conn,$sql) or die("<p> captured ".odbc_errormsg());

I get 

Warning :  odbc_do(): SQL error: [OpenLink][ODBC][Driver]Syntax error or
access, SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect in
/Library/WebServer/Documents/tests/odbc.php on line 6

captured [OpenLink][ODBC][Driver]Syntax error or access

I have a "good" connection because the table pull is right but how come the
sql select is broken?

D Myers

putenv("ODBCINI=/Library/ODBC/odbc.ini"); //odbc.ini contains your DSNs.

$dsn="testdsn"; // this is a valid DSN  can be tested in odbctest
$sql="select * form tblJobStatus";

$conn=odbc_connect("$dsn","$user","$password") or die ("<p>couldn't
echo "connected to DSN: $dsn";
echo "<BR><b>SQL:</b> $sql<BR>";

$results = odbc_do($conn,$sql) or die("<p> captured ".odbc_errormsg());
//$results = odbc_tables($conn) or die("<P>".odbc_errormsg());

odbc_result_all($results) or die("<p>pulling result error");

echo "closing connection $conn";

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