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> > Hi,
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> > I have a table called Bookings which has two important columns;
> > Booking_Start_Time and Booking_End_Time. These columns are both of type
> > DATETIME. Given any day how can I calculate how many hours are available
> > between the hours of 09.00 and 17.30 so a user can see at a glance how
> > hours they have unbooked on a particular day, can this be done with a
> > or do I have to work it out with PHP?
> >
> > Thanks for your help
> Seems easy enough - just sum the time booked per day and subtract it from
> the constant which is the total of available hours, and group by day.
> You'll need to calculate the booked time based on existing start/end
> values but you should be able to do that in SQL.
> Cheers
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Thanks for your reply,

I am having some odd results with this, just wondering if you could check
this query for me:

"SELECT COUNT(B.Booking_ID) AS Booking_ID,
           SUM(8.5 - (DATE_FORMAT(Booking_Start_Date, '%h:%i:%s')) +
(DATE_FORMAT(B.Booking_End_Date, '%h:%i:%s'))) AS Available_Hours
           FROM WMS_Bookings B
           WHERE B.User_ID = '".$user_id."'
           AND B.Booking_Status <> '1'
           AND '".date("Y-m-d",
strtotime("$loop3_this_year-$loop3_this_month-$loop3_this_day"))."' =
DATE_FORMAT(Booking_Start_Date, '%Y-%m-%d')";

Thanks for your help

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