hello all,

I need to find a database app (php/mysql) where outside users can enter
information in a form and then that data can be acted upon by inside

We have an app now that I inherited that was originally built from
phpnuke or postnuke.  It cant be used (on our site) with redhat/php
stronghold because of mcrypt so I'm trying to find something that I can
load and customize without too much time.  If I had alot of time for
this I'd build something from scratch :(.  I considered modifying the
current app but dont have alot of faith in that route as the app is
buggy anyway...

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I can find a ton on sourceforge.net
probably but wanted to see if anyone has had to do something similar and
can recommend something. I have been searching the archives for CMS and
am looking into some of these: drupal and typo3... But content
management is a bit overkill for my needs right now...

Any comments are welcomed.


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