$new_id = mysql_query('select last_insert_id()');

your can also user it within a query - eg

$sql = ' insert into related table parent_id, data , data2) values (last_insert_id(), 23, 45);


hris Payne wrote:

Hi there everyone,

I use the below to insert some data into my database:

mysql_query ("INSERT INTO forummessages (Postedby, email, subject, message, ForumID, posted, parentid) VALUES ('$Postedby', '$email', '$subject', '$message', '$ForumID','$posted','$parentid')

But once it has done this, I need to get the id it has generated in the DB and then update that record with the id it generate, so how can I get the id from the above insert?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)



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