I just sent you an email that was rejected.
Recipient address: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Reason: Server rejected MAIL FROM address.
  Diagnostic code: smtp;550 5.0.0 Access Denied for prodigy.net.mx

So here is the message:

For sending numbers with format I prefer the number_format() function.

Instead of these two lines:
    $formatted = sprintf("%01.2f", $money);
    echo $formatted;
I'd use only one line:
    echo number_format( $money, 2 );
The output would be:

I'm sorry I can't help about the format "%01...". I'm not familiar with it.


"Scott V Nipp" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió en el mensaje
> I keep receiving a parse error every time I try and view the page I
> am working on.  I am developing this very simple application in
> MX 2004.  Here are lines 3-16:
> <?php
> mysql_select_db($database_Prod, $Prod);
> $query_Host = "SELECT Name FROM systems";
> $Host = mysql_query($query_Host, $Prod) or die(mysql_error());
> $row_Host = mysql_fetch_assoc($Host);
> $totalRows_Host = mysql_num_rows($Host);
> mysql_select_db($database_ProdUsers, $ProdUsers);
> $query_UserMod = "SELECT shell, home_dir FROM modification";
> $UserMod = mysql_query($query_UserMod, $ProdUsers) or die(mysql_error());
> $row_UserMod = mysql_fetch_assoc($UserMod);
> $totalRows_UserMod = mysql_num_rows($UserMod);
> ?>
> I am simply attempting to pull data from two separate tables in two
> separate databases.  Every time I try to view my work, I am getting a
> error on the 'mysql_select_db($database_ProdUsers, $ProdUsers);'
> of whether this is the first or second mysql_select_db.  I imagine that I
> simply doing something obviously wrong here.  Please help.  Thanks.
> Scott Nipp
> Phone:  (214) 858-1289
> Web:  http:\\ldsa.sbcld.sbc.com

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