Figured it out.  I was trying to use the same associative
array under the <form> tag as I was trying to save under
the session.  Using two different variable constructs worked.

Andy Cantrell wrote:

Working with storing and reusing session variables.
If I use t1.php to generate a form, and the form
calls t2.php, the session vars are available.

If upgrade t1.php to recognize if it is the first
time it has been called versus the second time
   if (isset($some_session_var)) {
   } else {
      # set $some_sesson_var in the function
      # and use session_register() for that var.
      # I have verified that I'm using "global $some_session_var"
      # under here as well as generate_second_page().

Under this scenario, I'm unable to find any session
vars.  That is, "$some_session_var" is never set the
second time I call t1.php.  If I change the <form> tag
to call t2.php that has the code for 'generate_second_page()'
than all seems to work ok.  Am I missing something?

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