Hi !

I've got a form that passes a variable to a script.
The script connects to a database and I need to check if a field containing that 
variable  already exists in the table, and if it does, to select the "nr_of_views" 
field, increment it, and update the table and if it doesn't, to create a new field 
with that variable and set nr_of_views to 1

the table in my database that looks like this :
url                                                     nrviews
www.google.com                          1
www.yahoo.com                           3

And I've tried something like this:

$query = mysql_query("select * from url") or die (mysql_error());
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($query))
            if ($url === $row["url"])
                $nrviews = $row["nrviews"];
                mysql_query("update url set nrviews='$nrviews' where url='$url'") or
                die (mysql_error());
                                mysql_query("insert into url (url, nrviews) values 
('$url','$nrviews')") or
                                die (mysql_error());

When I get a variable that is not in the database, the whole thing goes crazy ! (it 
inserts lots of fields with that variable and nrviews=1

Please HELP !

Thank You !

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