Added to this I would have a seperate connection for each of the customer db and the rules db.

Currently, I have no idea how to achieve the above query given the new situation - mysql_query only accepts a single connection link.

Does anyone know if there is anyway that I can perform the above query?

If I cannot - I have some alternatives but I hope someone will have a solution.

Simple answer - NO.

If you could have multiple engines accessing multiple databases over the network, then there would be little time left to deliver the results :)

The simple answer is that an engine talks to a database on the same machine, so access across multiple databases is not normally provided. I use Firebird, and have a similar sort of problem, but I split the data up across machines, and 'replicate' the common data across all machines, in the same database. The common data is then managed in it's own 'master' copy.

The only alternative would be a middle layer that would have heavy access to the database files, and might even reduce performance.

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