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> I have a large text file that I am inserting into a mysql db and seem to
> have a problem with
> the date format. The data is currently in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

MySQL expects a YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD format (the delimiter for the string
version can be any character, actually)

> I am using phpMyAdmin with the above command. I have over 1000 lines of
> to add and
> changing all the dates would be a royal pain. Is the note a way to set the
> format in the
> column description to allow for the current data format to remain as is
> have the
> db insert the date in the correct mySQL format??

There's no way to set a format. You could insert them into a VARCHAR column,
then use an UPDATE query to pull the string apart and format it into
YYYYMMDD and update another DATE column, though.

Or have PHP run pre-process your text file and change the dates for you
(since this is a PHP list. :))

---John Holmes...

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