Erik Björling wrote:

I use a query with multiple tables:
SELECT * FROM cases,status,prio  where && .....

I retreive the data into my variable $line like this.
while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {.....

How can I retreive data from $line without using the index value as integers for example $line[13]
I would like to write $line[''] to retreive 'id' data from the table 'cases' in a SQL-manner. But I get an error message regarding unknown index ''.

Take a look at $line and you'll see the values are already there. $line['id'], etc. Use print_r() on $line to see it's contents.

Is there an easy solution to this? Is there another sign then '.' or should I use other names for my 'id'-columns such as c_id, s_id.... etc.?

Yes, this is recommended. Otherwise the "id" column from one table will overwrite the value from another table when it's all put into $line. Use an alias and remember that the keys do not include the table name, only the column name: $line['id'] instead of $line[''].

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