Hi :)  I am new to PHP and new to this mailing list, so I hope I am not asking 
something that you tire of answering :)

I am creating my first news posting application and I need a function to convert any 
URLS added to the news message into links.  I found this snippet:

function insert_links($newstext) {
$ret = eregi_replace( "([[:alnum:]]+)://([^[:space:]]*)([[:alnum:]#?/&=])", 
"\\1://\\2\\3", $newstext);

$ret = eregi_replace( "(([a-z0-9_]|\-|\.)+@([^[:space:]]*)([[:alnum:]-]))", "\\1", 


I have added this snippet to my file, but it does not work -  The string $newstext 
still does not include links.  I have tried to echo $ret, which returns nothing, and 
echo $newstext, which returns my text message, but without links.

Does anyone have any other snippets that might work for this?  Please be very 'layman' 
in your response - I have only been working with PHP for a couple of weeks and this is 
my first language to learn (other than HTML).

Thanks in advance!!


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