Hi all, 

After reading your emails I installed ODBTP so I could access my ODBC
server from my linux box, but i'm still getting some errors, this is my

$link = odbtp_connect('','Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro

(the first IP is the IP of my ODBTP/ODBC server).

And this is the Error i get:
(part is in spanish, i'm sorry for it)

Warning: [S1000][1][Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]Fox Error 1
[IM006][0][Microsoft][Administrador de controladores ODBC] Error de
SQLSetConnectAttr del controlador in
/var/www/telefonia/registro/prueba_odbtp.php on line 2

(It says something like Error of SQLSetConnectAttr of the device in
/var/www/telefonia/registro/prueba_odbtp.php on line 2)

Any idea how to fix this? 

Thanks for the help,

Ricardo C. Fernández de C.
Fundabit - Min. de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.

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