Adam Reiswig wrote:

$table="elements"; $sql="insert into $table set Name = '$elementName'";

This works with register_globals set to on. But, I want to be able to turn that off. My code then, I am guessing, be something as follows:

$sql="insert into $table set Name = '$_POST["elementName"]'";

I see you can achieve this by two ways:

1. Take out all the inside quotes (single or double) like the following:

$sql="insert into $table set Name = $_POST[elementName]";

2. Use a temporary variable for $_POST[elementName], like $elementName = $_POST[elementName], then continute use your original SQL sentence when the register_globals was on.



Unfortunately this and every other combination I can think of, combinations of quotes that is, does not work. I believe the source of the problem is the quotes within quotes within quotes. I also tried:

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