Title: SQL type queries on arrays?


I am developing an intranet application which parses a CSV file into a 2-D array, then searches for all unique values (PHP function) of a field and the most recent record in each case (foreach loops).

I have a working routine that takes about 15 seconds to perform this operation. Loading the CSV takes only 2 of those 15 seconds.

Then 13 seconds is taken up processing 5000 records, this seems slow on a 2GHz P4 Windows 2000 with lots of memory.

I was wondering if there is any way to use SQL to retrieve results from a 2-D array [n][fields] ? Or any speed optimisation techniques that might be applicable?

    David Nicholls, MCSE, CCEA
    e-Services Technology Team
    London Borough of Camden

    ( 020 7974 4839

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