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> AFAIK, LOAD DATA INFILE will only work off a file. So you would have to
> create a temp file. Another option is to create a multiple value insert
> query e.g.
> INSERT INTO arb_table (arb_column_1...arb_column_n)
> VALUES (arb_value_1..arb_value_n), (arb_value_1..arb_value_n), .........

Making the above query should be as simple as:

$query = 'INSERT INTO arb_table (arb_column_1, arb_column_n) VALUES (' .
str_replace("\n","),\n(",$file_data) . ')';

where $file_data is your adjusted CSV file in a variable.

> Although LOAD DATA INFILE is, i think, the fastest way to get data into
> MySQL, if you first have to create a temp file, the additional nuisance
> time factors might make the above query a valid alternative.

Agree that LOAD DATA INFILE will probably still be faster overall, even with
the file write. Try each and see, though.

---John Holmes...

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