An example is:

I have a session tracker installed on it already, but the modifying the
information (instead of remove and readding it) and adding an entire
group are pieces I am stumbling on.


I've been writing a book.  I've got the page numbers done. 

-Steven Wright 

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> I am working on a quote system and have been trying to figure out how 
> to make them system automatically add an entire vendor or category at 
> one time.  I can make the system display all of them and give the 
> sales folks in my office a chance to change the price, however if I 
> have just one "Add" button it will ONLY add the first item in the 
> group, not the entire group.

Can you give an example page to help with your explanation? I kind of
understand what you want, but without seeing what you're doing and what
point your at, it's hard to help.

---John Holmes...

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