Where are you getting the PHP variable from, another page, or ???

I use the print function in my scripts, mainly have the script write
everything to one big variable and then printing the variable.  By using
this method I can code the pieces in the big variable and they all come
out nice and "pretty" when displaying the page.

Do you have some code I can look at and maybe see where things can be
modded to work for you?


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It's just the syntax:

1. Don't use the "/" after .php:
    <a href="abc.php?day=
2. Don't use echo inside the string:
    <a href='abc.php?day=$start_day'></a>
3. Check the use of double and single quotes.

If you use:
echo "<a href='abc.php?day=$start_day'>abc</a>";
maybe you will get the link you want.


"MüCella Erdem Efe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió en el mensaje
> Hi;
> I need to use <a href="abc.php/?day=......" > </a>  statement in a
> file.
> I have to use a php  variable on the right of the day variable  like 
> <a href="abc.php/?day="+<?echo $start_day;?>> </a>. When i get this 
> variable in abc.php file
> if (phpversion() <= "4.1.0")
>  { $vars = array_merge($HTTP_GET_VARS, $HTTP_POST_VARS); }  else { 
> $vars = $_REQUEST; }  print_r($vars);
> Output is
> Array ( [day] =>    (nothing)
> When i use a constant instead of  variable like <a 
> href="abc.php/?day=12-12-2002"></a>.
> it works .
> Please help me about using a php variable in a href statement.
> thanks for your attention.

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