$fieldarray = array("one","Two", "three", "four");
$line = "\"".implode("\",\"",$fieldarray) ."\"";
 this will print out "one","Two","three","four"


                      Karen Resplendo                                                  
                      <[EMAIL PROTECTED]        To:       [EMAIL PROTECTED]            
                      ahoo.com>                cc:                                     
                                               Subject:  [PHP-DB] How do I get quotes 
around strings to display?                       
                      10/21/2003 07:24                                                 

My ascii file coming in has quotes around each comma delimited item. After
reading the rows into array these quotes are gone. Can't figure out how to
put them back in the array items when displaying the fields. Rows are saved
to table and bad rows are displayed in browser. Hope this fits this list:

    //now print out the fields in one row
    //don't print last comma in row of fields
    For ($c=0; $c < $fieldcount; $c++) {
       if ($c==10)
    }  //end of for loop

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