On Wednesday 22 October 2003 14:55, Tonya wrote:
> MYSQL and PHP 4.3.3
> *sigh* I hate eregs and I'm really bad with them :/
> I have a form that has a field in which the user is supposed to enter an
> IRC channel name.  IRC channel names begin with a '#'.
> ereg("^#")  does not work.  I am getting the error "Warning: Wrong
> parameter count for ereg()"

Jeez, at least make a token effort. See the manual entry for ereg()? It 
expects at least 2 parameters. Surely you can count past one? And surely the 
error message is explicit enough?

> Can someone give me a working ereg for this??  :)

No. But here's a snippet using preg_match():

  $input_string = "#ircchannel";
  if (preg_match("/^#[a-zA-Z]+/", $input_string) {
    echo "Looks like an irc channel"; }
  else {
    echo "Go check your input";

What the above checks for is:

1) A line that begins with a hash (#)
2) Followed by one or more letters (non case-sensitive)
3) And nothing else

I don't know what letters/symbols/characters constitute a valid IRC channel so 
you may have to season the above to taste.

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