do you just need a /
$AcceptedFolder= 'F:/';

                      Karen Resplendo                                                  
                      <[EMAIL PROTECTED]        To:       [EMAIL PROTECTED]            
            >                cc:                                     
                                               Subject:  [PHP-DB] Can't copy file to 
another server                                     
                      10/23/2003 02:22                                                 

Apache on Windows web server.
After file upload and validation I would like to copy it to a folder on a
Win 2K Server machine.
We have created the folder and shared it and mapped a drive(F:) on the
Webserver to it:

$AcceptedFolder= 'F:';

We get this error:
Warning:  Unable to create 'F:Apr05-08-2002.txt':  Permission denied in
C:/Program Files/Apache13 14/Apache/htdocs/file_upload.php3 on line 165

Sure could use some help.

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