Could someone suggest where I am going wrong in configuring GD for Windows

 Ruunning Apache 1.3.2 and PHP 4.3.28
 Apache httpd.conf says:
        LoadModule php4_module c:/PHP/php-4.3.2-Win32/sapi/php4apache.dll
 php.ini is only in c:\WINNT and says
 When I start Apache it says:
        ...unable to load ./extensions\php_gd2.dll ...could not be found
 This file (773KB 27/08/02) is in:
 c:\Program Files\PHP
 c:\Program Files\PHP\extensions
 for good measure.
 php.ini in c:\winnt says:
        ; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
        extension_dir = "./extensions"
 Manual says:
 For Windows users who wants to enable the GD libary:
 It took me some while to figure this out, but in the end it worked (and
still does) great.
 1. First download the latest (stable recommended) version of php
 2. Unzip to f.ex c:\php\
 3. Now you should have a file in c:\php\ that's named php.ini.dist (or
something like that). Rename that to php.ini and copy t to the root of your
Windows directory.
 4. Open the php.ini file (the easiers way is to open the run promnt at your
start menu and just type php.ini and hit enter).
 5. Search (ctrl+f) for extension_dir. The default value is set to "./",
make it to "./extensions"
 6. Now you need to find where in the php.ini the modules for Windows is
located. Search for gd.
 7. Remove the ; char infront of this line: extension=php_gd2.dll
 8. Try make a php script with some image functions and see if it works.
F.ex $im = imageCreate("test.jpg");
 If you get a message that says something like imageCreate function doesn't
exist the gd libary is not loaded.
 9. That's all. Have fun using GD in Windows :) 

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