Thanks, Kim,
It was my stupidity, which I'll expose publicly. I installed File Vault without thinking. I decrypted and there you go...

Only the Shadow knows

On Oct 26, 2003, at 4:42 PM, Kim Kohen wrote:

G'day John

I installed Panther on "delivery day". It has broken PHP. MySQL still
works. Everytime I try a test to local it tells me, "You are not
authorized ...on this server" I see I now have apache1.3.8 (I believe
I had 1.3.6 before) and Perl 5.8. Where did things get changed, and
how do I fix it, please?
Apple normally overwrites the httpd.conf file and saves your original as a
backup during an OS upgrade. I know this used to break PHP but I don't know
if this is your problem. Just a thought.



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