Can't help you if you take the site down. It didn't do you any good to post
the link if your code is no longer there.

ps- I tried to reply directly to you but it seem that Earthlink does not
want to accept my e-mails because I am not an EarthLink user. How lame is

550-EarthLink does not recognize your computer ( as
connecting from an EarthLink connection. If this is in error, please contact
technical support. 
{I removed the real IP address}
-------Original Message-------
From: Joseph Allard
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 03:26:45 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP2 Forum Crashed
Now, I two seperate problems with two different websites.
My PHP2 Forum crashed along with the rest of my
website I called GoDaddy.Com, my host provider
and they said that the problem was with us not with their server. However,
my web designer insist that it is a parse problem. What should I do and how
can I find out what the real problem is?
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