I have got a written PHP page that feeds most
information off a mysql database.  But I need some
calculations completed either via the php page itself
or mysql functions.  But let me explain what I want. 
Maybe I could use a "javascript" on this but prefer
all the code hidden away from the eyes of snoops.

I have a list of Members which is counted back to the
php page so it is shown the number of Members on most
pages of the site.  It costs xx amount pf money to
advertise on the site.  I as Members go and come from
time to time the Member count is always changing.  So
since the site is a no-profit site at the moment I
need the exact value shown on the page instead of me
needing to change it manually or setting a higher
value to compensate if alot of Members signup so I
don't lose money.

So what I need to do is get the number of members and
multiple the number by the amount to advertise per
member.  Than have the final figure outputed on the
php page.  Is there a easy way to do this?

Since the Member number is already functioned and
outputed maybe I can skip this query and just do a
calculations query or something.  Or I could query it
again to make sure everything is right.  I dunno, any

Sorry if it sounds a bit funny to understand, if need
more information please respond.  

Would something like this work:

When I tried 'caculations' on the mysql site I got
this page:


But it's not really relevant since a) I am not using
any dates b) I want to multiply the member count from
the mysql database with the email value per member.

I could do it a few ways, the value of advertising
could be fetched from a database or the value could
easily be inputed in the php code.  It does not matter
which, the second would be ideal as the value will
only need to be changed if I change the advertising
type.  Which is not going to happen very often if at

So just need a way to multiply the member count with
the value and output the answer out.

It could be easy but thought I'd ask, don't wanna
screw anything up. :P


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