Hi guys,

This might not be the best place for this but here goes.

I want to create a dropdown list with a date range of
<SELECT name="bdate">
 <OPTION value="11/02/2003" SELECTED>Today
 <OPTION value="11/01/2003">Yesterday
 <OPTION value="10/31/2003">Fri 10/31
 <OPTION value="10/30/2003">Thu 10/30
 <OPTION value="10/29/2003">Wed 10/29
 <OPTION value="10/28/2003">Tue 10/28
 <OPTION value="10/27/2003">Mon 10/27
 <OPTION value="10/26/2003">Sun 10/26
 <OPTION value="10/25/2003">Sat 10/25
 <OPTION value="10/24/2003">Fri 10/24
 <OPTION value="10/23/2003">Thu 10/23
 <OPTION value="10/22/2003">Wed 10/22
 <OPTION value="10/21/2003">Tue 10/21
 <OPTION value="10/20/2003">Mon 10/20
 <OPTION value="10/19/2003">Sun 10/19
 <OPTION value="10/12/2003">Sun 10/12
 <OPTION value="10/05/2003">Sun 10/5
 <OPTION value="09/28/2003">Sun 9/28
 <OPTION value="09/21/2003">Sun 9/21
 <OPTION value="09/14/2003">Sun 9/14
 <OPTION value="08/31/2003">Sun 8/31
 <OPTION value="08/01/2003">Fri 8/1
 <OPTION value="07/02/2003">Wed 7/2
 <OPTION value="06/02/2003">Mon 6/2
 <OPTION value="05/03/2003">Sat 5/3
 <OPTION value="04/03/2003">Thu 4/3
 <OPTION value="03/04/2003">Tue 3/4
 <OPTION value="02/02/2003">Sun 2/2
 <OPTION value="01/03/2003">Fri 1/3
 <OPTION value="12/04/2002">Wed 12/4
I would like to know i can go about doing that. some examples, or if anyone has a 
function already the i could use.

Thanks in advance,

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