this should fix ya......


                      Joffrey Leevy                                                    
                      <[EMAIL PROTECTED]        To:       [EMAIL PROTECTED]            
            >                cc:                                     
                                               Subject:  [PHP-DB] phpmyadmin screwup   
                      11/04/2003 04:30                                                 

Hi all:

I was trying to use phpmyadmin for the first time and messed up when trying
to give the [EMAIL PROTECTED] a password.  I did that because phpmyadmin told
me something about lax security using "root" with no password.  Anyhow
something went wrong.

Now I can't do anything with phpadmin or mysql client.    The message is -
"Error 1045:  Access Denied for User:  (Using Password:No).  Grateful for
anyone's help.


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