you can do it at sql level by using ORDER BY ... DESC like:

SELECT * FROM categories
WHERE cat_id = '$cat'

and then proceed the returned recordset in 'normal' way (order)


Douglas Freake wrote:

Hi there,

I need to do a loop where the mysql query starts
at the bottom and goes up, as if the data was in
reverse order. This is for building a category/
sub_category menu.

Data structure: (cat_id, cat_sub, cat_name)

sample routine:

    do {
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM categories WHERE cat_id = '$cat'";
        $go = mysql_num_rows($sql_result);
        $cat = $row["cat_sub"];
        $cat_id = $row["cat_id"];
    } while ( $go == 1);

Any ideas how to to start a the end of the database?
Thanks for your help!


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