I'm having problems surfing to different search engines (e.g. yahoo, google, and the like) since after putting the address to the address bar, it redirects me to another site which is called searchalot.com and makes a prefix of a certain IP address and making the address I input look like it is being done on a query in Javascript... (e.g.

Afterwards I am not able to use google or yahoo anymore. Can somebody please help me on this one. How can I remove the redirecting part in Internet Explorer? I have done a lot of workarounds already but it still doesn't work. Have tried removing searchalot entries in the registry editor, even deleted all cookies and temporary internet files, but to no avail.

There's a worm that rewrites your HOST file so instead of going to google you're redirected to another site. Can't recall the name right now, sorry. Hopefully someone can help you offline as it's not a PHP issue. :)

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